SE-ID25 Insulated Water Trough (Single Float)

SE-ID25 Insulated Water Trough (Single Float)

Ref: SAND0483 

Price: 248.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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Insulated Water Troughs are designed with a thick layer of high density polyurethane insulation foam positioned between 2 polyethylene walls that maintain water at an optimum temperature in extreme climatic conditions. Water is protected within a secure chamber which can be easily opened by screws for servicing, when required. Animals access the water by pushing down on the white float(s). With sufficient use and in the correct conditions this trough can prevent water freezing in conditions as low as -30ºC. The core benefit of this trough is that it does not require an electric connection unlike other freeze resistant troughs.

A single float access point to water. Suitable for 10-15 cattle or 20-30 sheep/goats

Length Width Height
620mm 560mm 350mm
Capacity - 25 ltr
Code: SAND0483
Colour: Green
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