SE Sturdy Recycone Composter 527

SE Sturdy Recycone Composter 527

Ref: SAND0704 

Price: 69.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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The Recycone Composter 527 is designed for a household of 5-7 people and is manufactured from 100% recycled UV stabilised polyethylene.

The SE- Sturdy Recycone Composter 527 is a domestic waste composter that gives a small supply of rich, sweet smelling compost to use in the garden or for house plants. There is a large lid on the top of the Recycone Composter 527 for easy insertion of waste. At the base of the garden composter there is a unique hatch for extracting the compost. Both lids are attached to the body by nylon straps. The unit has specially designed ribs to help accelerate decomposition of material. The open base faciliates quick drainage and drying of the compost into the earth beneath. It comes complete with user instructions.

Dia Top Dia Bottom Height
530mm 840mm 1130mm
Capacity - 420 ltr
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